Instructions for presenters

You have been selected as oral/poster presenter ?

Congratulations !

We are looking forward to discovering your work !

To prepare your presentation, please follow the guidelines below  

Oral presentation

Presentation Length

The time indicated below includes introduction, presentation and question time

Note: Please ensure that your presentation does not go over your allotted time, as every minute that you go over your maximum presentation time is a minute less for presenters later in the session. Therefore, all presenters need to be respectful towards their fellow session presenters.

The presentations will be strictly timed by the Session Chair and the presenter asked to stop talking when the time is up.

Presentation Format

The Congress audio visual will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.pptx)
If your presentation was created on a MAC and converted to run on a PC, you must convert your files (eg.Quicktime etc) to MP4 or WMV files. Please test it before you come to the congress.

Make sure that the hyperlinks still function.

Screen Size

Screen size ratio is 16:9. This is a setting in Microsoft PowerPoint, but to check when setting up your document, click on ‘Design’ tab, and then click ‘Slide size’, select “Widescreen 16:9”

Send us your presentation


When you have finalized your presentation/s please send it to us at the following address :  ifdm2020@riziv-inami.fgov.be by 7 September 2022

During the presentation, your slides will be on our PC to avoid loss of time and guarantee the technical aspects.  

All presentations must be labelled with the date of the session (check programme), room name, time of session and presenter name with “IFDM2022 - presentation” in the subject header.
Before sending files please rename all files according to this standard (if a folder contains PowerPoint and video files/ pictures, please rename all files)


Date (of session) Room Name Time (session) Presenter’s Name. For example:


Even though the presentation has been mailed through, please bring it along on a USB stick 

Session Chairs

Please be at the appointed session room at least 10 minutes before your session to meet with the Session Chair and discuss with the Chair and fellow presenters how the session will run.

You may want to:
􀁸 Learn how to use the AV equipment
􀁸 Note the method that the Chair will use to indicate that your time limit is up
􀁸 Note that discussions are to be held within the time limit - at the end of each presentation

Poster presentation

During the event, your poster will be visible during Thursday and Friday.

2 posters sessions are forecast each day during which participants will be invited to come and see your work. It is therefore interesting that you are present near your poster at these times to explain it. 


Your poster should be printed as A1 format (59,4 x 84,1 cm), portrait (not landscape).

Our stewards will be waiting for you Thursday morning between 8 and 9 am to display your poster.
They will also be present Friday afternoon to help you pick up your poster.